6 Female Designers in the NGD Universe You Should Know

Centuries ago, the right for women to decide who ruled over them was non -existent along with other rights enjoyed by them today. This absence of equality though corrected still creates a disparity  in the number of women present in gender neutral vocations and even in today’s digital age there’s quite a lot of catching up to do.

In today’s NGD spotlight, we showcase six talented female designers to acknowledge the existence of women in the field and While we believe women don’t need a special day for recognition, we wanted to celebrate their resilience in in male-dominated field.

These six women are enterprising, intelligent, and are success warriors for battling down challenges some male counterparts bow to.

Here are our top 6 female Designers in the NGD Universe

– Christy Douglas
– Sofia Amoke
– Chukwu Adaeze Victoria
– Ozegbe Ada:
– Juliet Godwin
– Tina Brown

Christy Douglas -Graphics & Brand designer

Christy, is a brand identity designer  and active member of the Naija Graphics Design Group.

The designer is known for actively growing and helping others do same and when not immersed in design, she enjoys sharing insights about her profession and life experiences which include her battle with imposter syndrome. Christy shares her experience with the dreaded syndrome in a spotlight interview coming up this Friday. Sign up below so you don’t miss a thing!

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Chukwu Adaeze Victoria – Creative/Art Director 

Arguably the most intellectually inclined designer in the NGD universe, Chukwu Adaeze Victoria’s designs reflect a sharp and innovative mindset. Known for her unique typography and groundbreaking design concepts, Adaeze’s work stands out. Her brilliance was recognized when she won the VFD card design challenge in 2022. Follow her profile on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to catch her next NGD spotlight appearance.

Juliet Godwin – Illustrator

Juliet’s leadership in the Nigerian illustration scene extends to the broader African sphere. Gifted with artistic talent from a young age, Juliet pursued her passion despite familial pressures. Her dedication paid off, earning her national acclaim for her outstanding work depicting a better Nigeria post-election. As a proud member of NGD, Juliet inspires fellow creatives to pursue their dreams and earn wisely from design.

Explore stories from her recent NGD spotlight appearance.

Ozegbe Ada –Freelance illustrator | Comic cover artist

Ozegbe Ada has carved a unique niche for herself with her distinctive style, marked by humor and social commentary. Beyond highlighting societal issues, Ada’s talent shone brightly when she triumphed in the illustration challenge using only a mobile device. When not creating, you can find her enjoying anime or creating TikTok videos. Ada’s multifaceted talent remains commendable.


Sofiat Amoke- UI/UX Designer

Known for pleasing web designs, Sofiat Amoke  is the winner of the NGD UI/UX  pro titan 2023 challenge . She’s noted for being an advocate of good UI/UX practices often taking time to craft engaging educational content to inspire a generation of designers fixated on user centered-design. Sofiat Amoke also has a knack for other spheres of design such as brand identity and logo designs. Know more about Sofiat here. 

Tina Brown – Brand Identity Designer:

Tina’s professionalism and international experience distinguish her in the NGD universe. She dedicates her time to crafting dynamic brands globally while generously sharing her expertise with aspiring designers. Tina’s recent win as the Brand Identity Designer of the Year underscores her excellence in her field. We’re proud to feature her among the top female graphic designers in NGD.

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