AI Tools for Generating Ideas: 7 tools worth checking

AI Tools for Generating Ideas: 7 tools worth checking

AI is the new buzzword which stands for Artificial intelligence designed to replicate or improve on the products of human thinking. Years ago it was used for logic related tasks only e.g Driving, calculations,storage etc  Today, AI can be used for tasks beyond logic to include AI tools for generating ideas

How can AI generate ideas

Computers can be creative in 2 major ways

  1. Novel combinations. Computers through complex algorithms combine existing ideas into new ones
  2. Conceptual spaces. Feed a computer with a basic principle and it generates ideas from this same principle.

Is AI a threat to Artist?

Image Credit: markuswinkler-unsplash

On February 10,1996, Garry Kasaprov lost a chess game to IBM, a machine setup to analyze 200 million moves per second. This moment along with ones where AI’s won in art competitions have led many creatives into thinking if AI is a threat to creativity. But it isn’t; AI can actually help humans achieve results faster and level the playing ground for everyone.

Luckily we’ve put together the top 7 AI tools you can use to generate ideas on the go without breaking a sweat

  • Ideanote
  • Bright idea
  • Chhatgpt
  • Answerthepublic
  • Semrush
  • Ayoa
  • storylabs


Image Credit:Ideanote

Ideas can be a hassle to come up with. They can also be difficult to convert into actionable steps. Ideanote considers these challenges and provides users with tools for idea collection from either Teammates, customers, or online crowds.


Image Credit:Ideanote

Starter :Free


Enterprise :Custom

2.Bright Idea

Image Credit: BrightIdea

If idea generation is difficult, any of the AI tools for generating ideas  on our list will help. But if you want a bit more help with mapping ideas to data  i.e Knowing which ideas have the highest potentials  then try Bright point referred to as the no1 idea management platform.


Image Credit: Bright Idea

Starter : $59


Image Credit: ChatGpt

Rather than spend time gathering data, use an AI tool for generating ideas like ChatGPT

ChatGPT provides insights into queries or problems you intend to solve.

It’s an amazing learning tool that provides you answers in a conversational manner.

You really can’t tell who is answering  i.e  human or a bot?

Pricing: Free during the feedback period.

4.Answer the public

Image Credit: Answerthepublic

Want to generate ideas based on current topics or interests?  Then try Answer the public recently purchased by marketing professional Neil Patel.

Answer the public is an insightful tool for finding out current trends and thoughts. Simply enter a word i.e AI tool and get all queries associated with AI.


Image Credit: Answerthepublic

Monthly:     $99

Annual:       $79

Expert:        $199

5.Semrush Topic Research tool

Image Credit: Semrush

Another Ai tool for generating ideas off single words is Semrush research tool.

From a single word, hundreds of related queries are generated for users. The search volume for each content presented gives an insight into what’s important and what’s not.


Image Credit: Semrush

Pro:        $119

Guru:      $229.95



A cloud based and AI tool for generating ideas AYOA works by syncing all ideas through kanban style boards and making them available for you and your team to view anywhere at any time.

With AYOA users can brainstorm ideas via a single word or develop existing thoughts from a list of options related to your prompt.


Image Credit: Ayoa

Mind Map:       $10

Task:                $10

Ayoa Ultimate: $13

Image Credit: Storylab

Users of story lab enjoy endless inspiration for ideas with the “inspire button”.Its AI article writing tool is linked to Chat Gpt so your articles are delivered in flowing language.

There are also templates to fast-track the writing process and ensure consistency.


Image Credit: Storylab

Starter:  $5/mo

Pro:         $15/mo

Unlimited: $1

Get more creative with AI tools for content writing

The deep mind AI is capable of imagination and perceiving consequences. These are leaps in AI technology creatives can benefit from; machines able to predict the consequences of their artwork on society.


So rather than sit on the fence try any of these 7 Ai tools for generating ideas and get rocking.

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