Best Budget Laptop for Graphic Design in 2024

Best Budget Laptop for Graphic Design in 2024

Budget Laptop For Graphic Design

  1. HP 840 G1 Core i5 / 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD
  2. HP 640 Core i5 / 8GB RAM + 500GB HDD
  3. Hp Zbook/ Intel Corei7/ 8GB RAM
  4. Dell Inspiron 13/2.0ghz / AMD Ryzen5 Quad core

As we step into the new year, there’s still the never ending quest for the best budget laptop for graphic designers .

This is understandable as designers rely on efficient laptops but often times lack bountiful resources to purchase them.

If you’re on the lookout for the affordable laptops for graphic design in 2024, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore four outstanding laptops catering to graphic designers at different skill levels—beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Before delving into these budget-friendly laptops with competitive prices and stellar performance, let’s establish some key metrics you should be aware of.

When we refer to a budget laptop for graphic design, we’re not talking about cheap alternatives but rather laptops that offer good value for graphic design work.  There are several factors  that define a laptop’s suitability for graphic design, and it’s essential to understand these before investing, even if the laptop is reasonably priced.

Laptops aren’t everyday devices; you don’t purchase one every day. It’s crucial to understand your needs, align your purchase with them, and delve into what laptop features truly signify. Before we dive into specifics, we recommend exploring detailed posts on what makes a laptop ideal for graphic design.

Key Metrics Every Designer Should Know When Buying Budget Laptop For Graphic Design

GHz, RAM, and Cores

When evaluating a budget friendly laptop for graphic design, understanding key metrics is crucial. GHz measures the speed of the CPU, signifying how quickly it processes instructions.

Simultaneously, RAM provides temporary storage for data that the CPU needs quick access to. Achieving a balance between a fast CPU and sufficient RAM is paramount for an efficient computing experience.

Cores are like the working soldiers in your computer’s brain. The more soldiers (cores) you have handling a task, the faster things get done. Understanding processor types, such as AMD or Ryzen, can aid in selecting one that aligns with your needs without overspending.

It’s worth noting that having the fastest GHz or the largest RAM isn’t always necessary. A dedicated guide on the best processor for graphic design can provide insights into making an informed decision.

Price Considerations

While a good laptop is relevant, affordability is key. Graphic designers often grapple with confusion about their needs, sometimes opting for high-end features they may not require. Clarifying your design needs before searching for a budget laptop is essential.

Feel free to share your requirements in the comment section to receive feedback from professionals on the laptop type you need. Now, let’s delve into the best budget laptops for graphic designers, categorized by price range.

Best Budget Laptops for Graphic Designers (150k – 375k)

Our curated list covers systems priced between 150k and 400k, offering the best deals available in the market. Each comes with a guarantee, and you’ll enjoy free checkups for one year in case of any issues (excluding misuse).

1. HP 840 G1 Core i5 / 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD

– Price: 150k
– The 840 G1 is a budget-friendly laptop suitable for graphic designers at the beginner and intermediate levels.
– With 4GB RAM, it provides a smooth graphic design experience without lag in applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator.
– Not recommended for motion graphics or video editing due to the 4GB RAM limitation.
– Powered by a Core i5 processor, offering multiple cores for speedy task execution.

The 840G1 is a budget-friendly laptop you can find in the market today. Its features are great for graphic designers just starting and intermediate. With a 4GB RAM space, the 840G1 offers the possibility to enjoy a smooth graphic design experience without lag on graphic design applications like Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator.

However, the 840 is only a good budget laptop for graphic design when video editing is excluded a great buy  as the 4GB RAM space would be insufficient and cause lag times.

But if graphic design is your major jam, then this is a good buy for you today.

Looking for something to handle video editing and motion tasks, then the next laptop on our list is your buy.

2. HP 640 Core i5 / 8GB RAM + 500GB HDD

– Price: 180k
– A step up from the previous model, the 640 Core i5 comes with 8GB RAM.
– Suitable for handling graphic design tasks seamlessly on applications like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe XD.
– Ideal for video editing and motion graphics in software like Premiere Pro and After Effects.
– Expandable RAM up to an additional 16GB for increased storage space.

Here you find a budget laptop for graphic design tasks on Photoshop, adobe illustrator, InDesign and Adobe XD but with the added  option to edit videos and create motion graphics on software  like premier Pro and after effects.

The 8gb Ram storage can be boosted to an additional 16gb giving you increased space storage to store heavy sized information which video editing programs produce.

There’s also a 500gb HDD storage which is a decent enough space for most designers. Not enough then level up this affordable laptop for graphic design with storage space.

3. Hp Zbook/ Intel Corei7/ 8GB RAM/ 500GB/ 2GB Dedicated AMD Radeon

– Features a 2GB  graphics design card  for intensive video applications
– Ample 500GB storage for files

– 8GB Ram for storing computing tasks (expandable)

Price: 350K

We step things a bit on our list of affordable laptops with the HP Zbook.

The HP ZBook series is a line of mobile workstations designed for professionals who require high-performance computing capabilities, particularly in fields like content creation, 3D modeling, and engineering.

It’s the first laptop on our budget laptops for graphic designers to feature a dedicated graphics design card to enjoy speedy performance on demanding applications that require fast and efficient graphics processing like modern video games or resource-intensive design and simulation software.

The Zbook is perfect for graphic designers. Work on video editing software? its perfect for you too – you cruise through several design applications without lag.

4. Dell Inspiron 13/2.0ghz / AMD Ryzen5 Quad core/8gig Ram/256gig SSD. 

-Sports a Ryzen Quadcore Processor

– 8GB Ram for graphic design and video editing

-3GB dedicated graphic design task.

price: 375K.

This laptop is a great budget laptop for designers looking for a device that supports design software from graphic design to video editing excellently well.

From the market Dell 13 comes with an 8gb Ram and features an Solid state drive- storage devices in your computers without moving parts to  allowing faster data write speeds since no mechanical parts move to store or retrieve data.

There’s an AMD ryzen which performs multitasking admirable well and yo will be glad to know that for at its affordable price this laptop features a touchscreen option.

Buying The Right Budget Laptop For Graphic Design in 2023 and Beyond

Man holding a laptop

The Graphic design industry is worth 43.4 Billion Dollars and a laptop is the key to accessing this market.

Designer Ben Obot emphasizes the importance of investing in systems for the long haul rather than frequent purchases.

Cheap laptops for graphic designers don’t equate to low-level performance. Instead, prioritize affordable laptops based on your needs and proficiency level in design.

For example, a graphic designer with graphic design needs will find the HP840 a good buy while those with video editing needs can rely on the HP 640 for a seamless graphic design  and video editing experience.  If you need to edit 4K seamlessly, the HP 440 with its SSD, i7 specification, and ample RAM is then an excellent investment.

Check out our post on Ram size to know what size works best for your needs.

You can also enjoy a dive into the best MacBook for designers or check cool accessories like mice for designers in 2024.

How to Contact

To place an order, simply dial [0810 172 5095 ] and mention that you’re from NGD. Specify the desired device, arrange for pickup, clarify the price, and opt for a drop-off at your location.

When seeking the best budget laptops for graphic designers in 2024, consider laptops based on your specific needs and proficiency level. By making informed decisions, you can secure a laptop that meets your design requirements without breaking the bank.


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