How much do UI/UX designers make in Nigeria? 

How much do UI/UX designers make in Nigeria? 

UI/ UX is an amazing skill set to have in 2023; it’s demanded amongst the top 50 tech jobs and cuts across all industries. It’s no surprise that here too in Nigeria, tech skills are highly demanded as mobile application power new frontiers. Many thriving UI/UX designers jumping into this ship would like to know how much UIUX designers make in Nigeria to gauge expectations.

Why you should know the salary range in Nigeria

Teaching your self UI/UX or learning at an institution demands time and funds and knowing the salary range of this profession determines if it’s worth the effort. Knowing how much UI/UX designers earn in Nigeria or the salary range helps you define your expectations and what you can do to earn higher. It also means you don’t get flopped i.e get paid below your worth.

For remote designers, it’s important to know the salary conditions used to determine to pay for remote workers. Designers working within the country can make do with the obtainable pay in their locality. 

Want to know how much UI/UX designers earn in Nigeria? We cover in this article

  • Exact salary ranges for UI/UX designers in Nigeria
  • What factors influence this pay and 
  • How to improve your pay rate as a UI/UX designer in Nigeria.

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How much do UI/UX designers in Nigeria make? 

UI/UX designers earn varying amounts in Nigeria. The average according to reputable sources like Glassdoor and job grab places the entry-level positions at 130-150,000, this means you’re 50-65000 apart from the average salary in Nigeria. 

1-3 years in the industry counts as entry-level. Top above this e.g. 3-5 and 5 -10 and the salary range moves up to 180,000 -291,000. y

But the pay in this industry isn’t set in stone and there are several factors influencing how much UI/UX designers earn in Nigeria. 

Several factors determine the salary range of UI/UX designers in Nigeria

The pay range for players in the industry is dependent on these factors. 

Experience. Designers with 2 -5 years of experience earn lower than their counterparts with more years of experience. 

Location. States like Lagos, and Abuja pay high figures for UI/UX designers in Nigeria. Work outside these states and you might earn below your peers. 

Need. Industries relying massively on web services for their business e.g. e-commerce and fintech outfits pay UI/UX designers as these guys handle interfaces responsible for their core services.  

Education. Designers with stronger expertise are priced higher than peers without. To increase pay many designers often get recognized certificates. 

Pay power. Designers for instance in companies with multiple revenue streams are likely to be paid more than peers in single-man businesses.  

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How to earn high in the UI/UX industry in Nigeria. 

You can earn a high figure in Nigeria without working remotely. Here are 3 quick ways to do so. 

Build a portfolio.

Tell client’s how much you expect by including projects in your portfolio that showcase the depth of skills and are worth massive ROIs if retained by them. These projects can be self-taught projects or client based. 

Some ambitious projects include:

  • Mobile App Signup Flow
  • SaaS Dashboard
  •  Internal Ticket System
  • Smart TV App Layout
  • Chatbot 
  • Digital Interface for an Appliance

 A portfolio with exciting projects is impressive but go a step further and present your portfolio in the best way possible. You can do this via simple pdfs or you can host your portfolio on sites like NGD for free.

 Level up your skills. 

The I.T market is intense; there are millions of designers competing for jobs and skills are game changers. 

You can have the edge by learning skills relevant to your job and increasing your offerings to employers; While your color, font, and icon game are off the roof, skills like coding, agile, and photography make you more attractive and consequently… more expensive. 

Demonstrate value. 

Your earnings as a UI/UX designer in Nigeria improve if you can demonstrate client-related problems you’ve solved and the results. 

An example could be how a more accessible UI design led to increased sales or how your decision to replace a font or generate original images for a client led to more interactions on a client’s site.

The Point is to track the reasons behind your UI projects, record the results and demonstrate this to clients in cover letters or interviews. 

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Earn a high paying UI/UX Salary in Nigeria.

The salary of a UI/UX designer in Nigeria isn’t static and believe it or not it’s all up to you to be on the higher side of things. 

 You can do this by constantly

Updating your portfolio: Keep your portfolio fresh with works that showcase recent trends e.g. graphic design trends in 2023 and your ability to use this to create relevant systems.

 Staying on top of industry updates: What industries are hiring UI/UX designers and consequently paying higher. You can do this by joining a thriving community of pros like you.

Sign up for jobs: You can also sign up for job boards where juicy deals for your skill set are placed and apply for rates you deserve.

We also encourage you to always do market research before discussing with an employer, and be direct about your expectations.

Keep in mind however that there’s no ideal situation with salary expectations, so seek a win-win situation or risk losing the job by being too demanding. 

Want to learn this skill successfully? Check out our helpful guide how to learn UI/UX by yourself in 2023.



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