Photoshop 2021- Better Than Ever Features

 Photoshop 2021- Better Than Ever Features

This is the time of the year users get new features on Adobe Products and Photoshop 2021 has been released with features that extend the imagination of users, lessen time spent on common workflow and in some case completely automates them in few seconds.

The major features of this year are:

  1. Neural Filters. 
  2. Sky Replacement.
  3. Refine Selection.
  4. An improved discovery panel.
  5. IPad streaming and Psd Functions. 
  6. Live Preview and Shape tools.

1.Neural Filters

A big leap has been made this year with neural filters that go beyond just a collection of color filters for images to powerful engines for manipulating graphics extensively.

Using sliders on the smart portrait feature, a subject’s facial direction and expressions can be tweaked to include various states such as happy, angry, or aged. Everything is done non-destructively using layer masks. But the key to however getting things right with Neural filters is subtlety  


 Image credit: Adobe

The direction of his gaze was adjusted from straight to right, without any distortion to the face itself .

To access the new Neural Filters workspace in Photoshop, choose Filters > Neural Filters.

2.Sky Replacement feature for replacing skies and adjusting surroundings 

 Image Credit: Adobe.

Bye bye bad sky lighting. Users can now replace the current sky in an image through a powerful AI that analyses and separates sky from foreground and replaces it with any of Photoshop’s 27 alternate sky options or skies uploaded by a user. The foreground areas are also given adjustments to incorporate them better. If for instance you replaced an afternoon sky with a sunset, the foreground area is giving a golden hour look, as it should have if shot during that time. This is a safety net for landscape, real estate, wedding photographers who now have a tool for dealing with imperfect shooting conditions. 

To access the sky replacement, Choose Edit > Sky Replacement.

3.Discovery Panel

The discovery panel has been given a lift by including a library where users can access articles and catch up on the work of others. A more interesting aspect are the hands on tutorials, that guide users on how to perform tasks in Photoshop through step-by-step DIY videos that can even be performed as actions directly on a document. Common tasks like; Background blur, removal, color change are now available as instructional videos and at the same time as actions.

To access the new Discover panel at any time in Photoshop:

  • Use Cmd/Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut
  • Click the Search icon ( ) at the upper-right of the interface
  • Choose Help > Photoshop Help from the menu bar

All users have to do is search and they are presented with helpful videos or actions in response to their query 

4.Live streaming on the IPad

Image credit: Adobe.

This year IPad users will be able to work on psd files exactly how they would in desktop as the work options on Psd files extend into changing sizes and resolution a function previously restricted to desktop users. Live streaming is the in thing nowadays and Adobe is bringing this feature home to IPad users, who can now stream their creative processes live to Adobe Behance for members to view. The new Behance feature allows work produced from Photoshop on IPads to be shared and viewed on Behance by fellow IPad users.   

Start a livestream from the “Export” menu on the top right. All streams will be sent and regulated by Adobe Behance Team.

5.Live Preview and shape tools

Image credit: Adobe.

The triangle shape has been added and being a very common shape, is a feature long overdue to   Photoshop! In addition to this is the option to now view adjustments to shapes in real time

 This was a feature exclusive to programs like Xd, its appearance provides a more seamless experience for graphic designers working in Photoshop. 

Next to the shape feature is the Live pattern preview. A daunting task in making patterns is viewing them infinitely the way you would on a 3d wallpaper or a piece of material, but with the included live pattern preview designers can view single or groups of patterns in hundreds or thousands of repeated tiles.

The popular component feature of making a master component and instances is included here too. 

6.Refine Hair and Object Aware Selection Tool

 Image Credit: Photoshop Cafe

Selections have been made more precise with the new features that help get users out of those tricky positions we always find ourselves when making selections from complicated backgrounds. Refine hair quickly detects faces and selects hairs from the background while Object aware helps in conditions where background and foreground are similar in color. All work is again done on a layer mask and you can continue to refine your selection with the heavy lifting automatically done for you.

Open an Image and do one of the following Choose Select > Select and Mask

press Ctrl+Alt+R (Windows) or Cmd+Option+R (Mac). Enable a selection tool, such as Quick Selection, Magic Wand, or Lasso.

Selecting the strands of Brown hair from the portrait in a background with similar colors is one of those things the new selections tools are built for.

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