Winning Has Increased My Confidence In My Design Skillset To Do More Things – Blossom Ohaeri

Winning Has Increased My Confidence In My Design Skillset To Do More Things – Blossom Ohaeri

The NGD universe is hot right now with fresh competitions warming us up for the 2023 lift-off at Glover Hall Lagos. From the exciting challenges, brilliant works have emerged  from the various categories amongst them the skilled 3D genre.

3D design, also known as three-dimensional design, involves the creation and manipulation of three-dimensional objects or spaces in a digital environment or the physical world. Its history dates back to the early 1960s when the concepts of computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) began to take shape. Today, it has become an indispensable part of several industries, facilitating the visualization process and enabling professionals to transform their visions into real-life scenes.

In the context of NGDX 2023, we organized a competition within the captivating realm of 3D design. The objective was to craft characters that embody the spirit of our sponsor, Trackeet, for the upcoming event. Contestants were tasked with creating both male and female Trackeet characters, and from these seemingly simple briefs, emerged astonishing designs.

Renowned designers like Ada Ozegbe, the winner of the 2023 Illustration Pro Challenge, submitted their impressive entries but someone else stole the spotlight, someone else  dazzled the judge with an impressive delivery that screamed  professionalism and meticulous attention to detail ! This someone is Blossom Ohaeri and today, we we present 10 engaging questions posed to Blossom Ohaeri for your reading pleasure.

Get Ready to dive into Blossom’s exciting foray into the world of graphic design, exploring how architecture influences his graphic design endeavors, understanding his aspirations for the future, and uncovering some lesser-known facets of his life.


1. How Did The Design Journey Begin?

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Okay, I have always been the creative type as long as I can remember. I loved drawing (and tracing) cartoon characters, and I loved ‘pressing laptop” (as people would say, lol); even while I did not own a PC yet, I used any I could lay my hands on. A couple of years into secondary school, I started ‘typography design’, cresting my colleagues’ names on their singlets/vests and the walls of classrooms. I also started comic creations and created several characters. I designed a website using a web builder in 2017. I was introduced to Photoshop in 2018, and my design journey started officially.

From complicated to modern,  Blossom transforms the logo identity of WispTalkAfrica, an organization building relationships between internet users and providers.

2. With A First-class Degree In Architecture, Is Graphics Design The Main Deal Or A Hobby For Blossom?

Graphic design isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a career path. I’m seeking ways to combine the two because I’m interested in both as they complement each other. Architecture visualization fuels my interest in Graphic Design and 3D animation. In architecture school, I learnt about the creative design process and design research, pretty much the same or parallel in the graphic design industry. Honestly, I am still freestyling both, trying to improve and learn both skills as I am not sure I want to leave anyone for the other.

3. Tell us about 3D Character Design.

Blossom contrives digital software Photoshop and Illustrator as Ninja twins.

It’s simply the process of creating three-dimensional characters to be used in various contexts and media. It could be for a video game, an animated movie, architecture visualization, VR and AR, Brand storytelling and promotions like in the case of Trackeet. The fact that it brings your ideas about a persona or entity is intriguing. It’s quite popular worldwide today as many brands adopt virtual characters and influencers because of its versatility. Casas Bahia’s CB and Samsung’s SAM are two brand characters I love.

4. Your Entry For The Trackket Challenge Was Top-notch. What Was The Process Like And Was It Easy To Deliver?

Yeah, thank you. It wasn’t quite easy to deliver. The ideation path was easy for me because I had taken the time to understand the brief and do some background study for casual contemporary clothing, famous Nigerian hairstyles and appealing names (I learnt design research and case studies in school, lol).

I decided to use the 3D approach because I have been learning 3D. After the conceptual sketches, I went on to Daz Studio  and Blender, used both for the modelling, texturing and rigging. I worked from the G8.1 base model to improve my speed, because I was caught up with work then (I had to commit a lot of my office time to deliver on the project, lol, my colleagues were wondering what I was doing. PS: I work in an architectural firm during the day)

I had to generate some clothing in Marvelous Designer, and because all these software can be directly linked, it was easy to incorporate and switch from one to the other. I was stuck at some point when developed two hairstyles for the female, a curly one and dreadlocks. I loved both so I was confused about which to go for. Had to ask a friend what she thought about it, seeing that she knew more about hairstyling.

Also had several sketches of pose ideas because I wanted the characters to be very expressive; Though I wasn’t able to execute all, I tried out the easier contextual ones. I set several lighting scenes for my renders (I did some research on lighting in photography- softbox, overhead, aerial, ambient and rim light)

The Rendering output was another tough part. I was using a powerful Alienware workstation at my office with 32GB RAM and 16GB Dedicated graphics, each image render took a while because I was going for high resolutions and my simple scenes were quite heavy due to my lighting setting.

I always take presentations very seriously, that’s my strong edge. Even the worst of ideas presented magnificently can draw attention, so all the while, I developed a little storyboard of how the presentation would be, the slides, poses and information. I did not meet up to everything because of time, but that deliberate commitment helped a lot. Adobe Photoshop was where all the magic happened.

5. Who Did You Think Would Win If Not You?

Ozegbe Ada, her delivery was nice. Though I had some reservations about it based on the brief, I loved it.

6. What Do You Want The Next 5 Years To Look Like?

In the next 5 years, I want to build a design agency that harnesses human psychology in creating design solutions for brands, websites, editorials, and marketing communications. The design agency would major in 3D solutions.

7. Has NGD Contributed To Your Growth?

Sure, it has. Several works posted in the community are inspiring and would motivate you to learn and work. The fact that I get to see the growth of several creatives can be soothing. I choose to take the positive approach to be inspired by good works and not intimidated by them.

8. Who Is Your Strongest Influence In Life Now And Why?

What a great question to ask, lol. In my life right now, I have three strongest influences. Don’t shoot me, life is broad.

  • My Pastor. Pastor Ifeanyi Nwazuluoke of TSG Church (a very strong influence)
  • Tola Alabi, my mentor. Joining his mentoring club is one of the good things that has happened to me. I love his character, simplicity and dedication. I’m learning a lot from him, not solely design-wise.
  • Peter. He was my favourite lecturer in school and my current boss and mentor in Architecture. I love how he goes after things, always seeking new ideas to improve his workflow and environment. His creative thinking and rationalizing inspires one to do good work.

9. What Has Changed Since You Won The Competition?

Confidence. Winning has increased my confidence in my design skillset to do more things.

10. What 3 Things Don’t We Know About Blossom Ohaeri?

  • I’m building a design agency, Neurod Studio. Still in the startup and launching phase
  • I take myself as a multidisciplinary designer because I’m in the creative design process which fuels my interest in Architecture, Brand Identity design, Editorial design, 3D animation, and Web design, lol. I know that’s a lot but we would figure it out on the way.
  • Engrossed in creative books and addicted to Google.

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