AFRICA NXT : The 8 sessions designers should jump at

AFRICA NXT : The 8 sessions designers should jump at

The next industrial boom is digital technology, a system requiring only a mobile device to be a stakeholder. With AI tools on the rise, anyone regardless of educational background can participate hitch free.

But this industrial boom innovates itself every minute and with so much new information a central hub to tie distinct pieces of information is needed, particularly in countries where access to information is a challenge. In response platforms are organized from virtual conferences to physical ones to inform professionals on trends and tips for upscaling their skills and next week comes a platform touted to be the biggest tech conference in Nigeria -The AFRICA NXT 23 

What is the AFRICA NXT 23

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

AFRICA NXT 23 is the “biggest tech conference” with a whopping 400 speakers and 150 sessions held annually in Lagos, the industrial darling of West Africa. 

There are many great tech expos held annually but AFRICA nNXT is unique in its breadth of activities. 

Here are 3 key features that make this conference a value for money spent one.

  • AFRICA NXT is a 5-day event. That’s 5 days of seasoned information for participants
  • Features innovators and policymakers across Africa. This allows policymakers to interact directly with those at the receiving end. Bring all your problems here!
  • Collaborate, network, and enjoy prospects. AFRICA NXT favors interaction amongst participants. There are six stages each filled with professionals and entry-level creatives and decision-makers. Feel free to talk, share a business card, or discuss the next big idea after chatgpt.

It’s 5 days of inspiration, innovation, and ideation you do not want to miss!

Who is AFRICA NXT for?

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

Tech sounds exclusive to brainy nerds but AFRICA NXT is for anyone with a mobile phone and professionals from content creators to crypto lovers, influencers to social media managers, and yes…designers too.

Here’s a list of everyone who should make attending AFRICA NXT a resolution

  • Content creators
  • Crypto lovers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Programmers (Front End, Back end, Full stack)
  • Designers (graphic, motion, illustration, 3D, UI, video editors, photographers)
  • Painters
  • Music artist
  • SEO consultants
  • Social media managers

This list isn’t exhaustive. But if you are reading this then AFRICA NXT is right up your alley. 

What’s lined up for designers?

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

The tech conference features 150 sessions and there are great shows designers will benefit from. 

These shows provide insights into digital opportunities and innovative ways professionals are utilizing tech and how you can level up your game.

Here are 8 sessions every designer should jump at 

1. Show: Collaborate to Innovate

What is it: Collaboration is the driver for large-scale impact in the 21st century. This session reinforces the importance of collaboration and provides tips on how to create successful collaborations.

Who is it for: Great for designers who want to learn how to reach out to professionals in other industries and maximize impact. 

2. Show: Creativity the Powerhouse of Business Growth

What is it: Creativity powers every business. Designers are valuable engineers in brand presentation. But most creatives lack execution skills. This leads to low charges, one of the reasons creatives earn low. 

The program reveals tips for charges and valuing creative work.

Who is it for: Ideal for designers who believe they can earn more from their skills but struggle with pricing. Find out how to earn high figures from creativity.

3. Show: Pranic healing and Caring for the Bodies

What is it:  A coaching session on caring for the physical and mental parts of ourselves. 

 Pranic healing shows our relationship with the environment and other organisms in it. It delivers a holistic view of life that encourages clarity of purpose. Physical and Mental exercises will be conducted here.

Who is it for: For every designer intent on achieving optimal mental and physical well-being. Learn how to work purposefully.

4. Show: Financial Independence for all

What is it: Making money is good knowing how to grow it better! This discussion covers the rudiments of growing wealth. The focus is on low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk.

Who is it for: For the creative who wants to break the cycle of money generation and expenses. Make money and grow it wisely from the tips shared.

5. How to build brands for high performance and sustainability

What is it: Brand building is beyond aesthetics. This insightful session reveals how business owners can develop brand equity, and develop strategies used by successful brands

Who is it for: Perfect for designers looking to transition into serious business owners. Turn your hustle into a top-performing business. 

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

6. Opportunities for Africans in the WEB3 Marketing Space

What is it: An shocking expose on the scarcity of professionals in the WEb 3 space and how every creative can extend their skills into this new frontier. 

Who is it for: For every creative curious about the WEB3 space, what it is, and how they can partake. The future is WEB3 walk into it.

7. The Creator Economy; What next after Social media

What is it: Social media is the largest employer of labor. What does this mean for economies, what changes has it introduced and how will it transform in the next 5 to ten years? The questions get answered in this 1-hour reveal.

Who is it for: Perfect for creatives who want insights into the future possibilities of social media and how to position themselves for changes to come. 

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

8. The Future of Black Women in Tech: Collaboration and Innovation.

What is it: A talk on low numbers of women in tech, The future of Black women will be discarding myths and biases surrounding women’s participation in tech and encourage increased female participation.

Who is it for: Ideally for anyone with an interest in encouraging female participation in tech? Women use technology too, learn why their input matters.

How do I attend the AFRICA NXT?

Image Credit: AFRICA NXT

Africa NXT tickets are available here. The prices range from N18,000 to N268,000 and are divided into virtual and in-person sessions. 

The digital age is the next industrial revolution. The digital industry is worth $179.20 million that’s 81.2 billion Naira(with the current exchange rate at the time of this post). It’s available for picking; No favours from well placed persons are required, for you to succeed, your  smartphone will do. 

Creative conferences like AFRICA NXT and the NGD liftoff are insightful platforms for upscaling perspectives and learning new ones. 

Want something cooler than AFRICA NXT check out NGD’S liftoff. It promises to take you places your brush and artboard never thought off.  


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