Hidden Reasons Why Designers Charge 2k ($2) per Design

Hidden Reasons Why Designers Charge 2k ($2) per Design

From captivating logos to visually stunning websites, graphic designers are the architects behind memorable brand identities and digital experiences.

However, within this vibrant industry, there exists a puzzling phenomenon: designers who charge significantly lower rates than their counterparts. We call these designers ‘2K designers’, a trending name in the NGD group meant to denote poor rates in the industry.

But there’s more to these guys than you know, more to the reason for their low charge that goes beyond just quick cash, and in this post we delve into the 2K phenomenon to unveil 5 hidden reasons for the 2k fever. 

At the end of this post, you will understand 5 reasons for a 2K design and How to elevate your design charge no matter its rate.

The strongest point in Marketing Teams

Graphic designers hold are vital to the success of marketing teams all over; 60.8% of marketers say that visuals are crucial to successfully marketing a brand and Good UI/UX could increase website conversion by 200%. Thus In a world where designers are agreed to be the champions of marketing one wonders why 2k designers should exist. We expect designers to walk down the road with a smug face calling picking out the highest pay but this reality isn’t what we see outside. Instead, there’s the beating of prices to the rate of ‘2k’ as discussed in this post. 

Below we uncover 5 reasons for this phenomenon. Ready? Get set. 

5 Reasons for the 2K Fever in the Industry 

1. Lack of Experience and Portfolio Depth

2K designers are often entry-level designers in it for the love of color combos and shapes.

One of the primary factors influencing the 2k phenomenon is designers with low skill sets due to their entry-level position in the industry.

These guys just entering the field of design are yet to learn the ropes of minimalism for design and seek to charge for skills worth a few months. These premature skills don’t call for much in the industry and designers in this category peg their prices at the ‘2k level’.

It’s worth noting that designers with sophisticated or intermediate experience price their designs naturally higher due to the level of sacrifice and education put into honing their craft. 

2. Economic Distress Gave Rise to the 2k Designer 

2K designers are low-earning individuals who rely on graphic design as a main gig.

Graphic design once practiced solely on systems has since the tech boom become an easy point of entry for low-earning individuals desirous of quick pay.

Consequently, a Tola in his first year with 20MB could easily become a graphic designer in less than 2 minutes charging 2k for each design easily achieved via templates. Previously Tola needed more than just data; he required a good laptop for graphic design and a place to learn design

If income levels aren’t decent enough to satisfy daily expenses then venturing into graphic design is a no-no; it results in charging low prices for day-to-day expenses while devaluing the craft.

3. Low-level clients support the 2K industry.

Similar to ease of access into design there’s the ease of consumption on the client side.

In the medieval periods, Art was an exclusive priority of the top 10 percent who paid dearly for artworks often sponsoring these projects themselves.

You see then, no designer ever embarked on art works for the fun of it, there was usually a grand patron supporting his art which determined how much he charged or earned.

2K designers, however, lack such grand patrons likely because their skill set exists in the realm of low-paying clients with meager budgets.

4. Underestimation of Value and Self-Worth

Designers without a clear value proposition fail to understand the immense value of their products and charge low prices for them.

Designers are inherently passionate about their craft, pouring their creativity and expertise into every project they undertake. However, this passion can sometimes lead to a tendency to underestimate the value of their as seen in popular notions like “design for love”.

However, passion alone doesn’t sustain art and unless you wish to be passionately hungry, Spending time to think about the value of the craft and what it offers is necessary to beat the 2K design fever.

5. Geographic and Economic Factors

The economic landscape varies significantly from one region to another, influencing the prevailing rates for design services. Designers operating in areas with lower living costs or weaker economies may find themselves compelled to adjust their rates accordingly to remain competitive. In northern states, for example, Graphic design goes for as low as #500. Graphic designers living in this region regardless of their skill and prowess find it impossible to charge above the obtainable in these areas. 

A quick way to charge beyond geographical prices is to utilize the power of the internet in seeking clients outside your geography through methods such as cold emailing for graphic designers and social media 

How to Escape the 2K Fever

The 2k fever is said to spreading fast with economic conditions dropping fast. Here are quick ways to avoid the fever for yourself

  • Value Proposition: Clearly understanding the value design brings to the table and realizing its immense power to influence prices drastically.  
  • Skill Set Development: Possession of skills that let you leverage the power of design in contributing to marketing teams and support your claim to earn more.
  • Embark on Design with a sizable living: Never embark on design as a means of living without a sizable income supporting you. 

 These tips taken seriously help you avoid the 2k fever. If you earn a decent fee already then greater clarity on the value proposition of design helps you charge higher.

 If you’re a 2k designer reading this post know that the jabs and taunts don’t matter and you aren’t the bad guy

What’s crucial is to understand why designers earn low and fix it with tips from these posts.

To ensure you are on track seek mentorship opportunities from professional designers in the group to help you stay on track.

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